Our Team

We have developed AMZ Blast Passionately for sellers, incorporating all the required tools and services to embark their eCommerce business. Our team is involved in developing cutting edge marketplace solution specifically designed to give additional advantage to our members. In India we are Pioneer in Amazon Product research and our PRT tool is first research tool publicly launched for sellers community.

Vikash T.


Vikash has over 10 years of experience of SaaS and with combination of his extensive seller’s experience he can be best guy to lead your marketplace journey. Loves to work on Amazon API & products research.


Data Scientist

Hard to locate this fellow if not travelling he works on Amazon API and Amazon algorithm. After working on amazon for over 10 years he has developed sense to recognise minute changes on amazon algo

Mamta S.

Mentor/Chat support

Mamta is on front lines making sure that clients are happy and things go according to plan. Always thinking about how to delight customers or streamline operations.

Manisha S.


Manisha is eager learner and enthusiast. Always looking for new challenges and adventures. Her motto is to never stop learning, and be inspired by everything!

Pallavi K.


Pallavi is here to help with clients questions with friendliness, patience and respect. She provides flexible solutions to clients to give them opportunity to shine. She is daydreamer and loves to sing.

Bhavna G.


Handle queries calmly and provide easy and quick solutions. Soft Spoken, Responsible, Music lover and like to interact with people. In her free time she spends time with her kids.

Ankit P.

Web Developer

Ankit can exercise his powers with an armful of web skills, which makes him an extremely useful member of the team.