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Opportunity to Boost up your Earnings by Starting Selling on Amazon in COVID period.


“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

~ Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder

 Hello readers, how are you?

We are aware of the fact that this COVID 19 has completely destroyed the significant number of industries and markets.

Majorly, developing countries are facing the worst economic crisis and financial recession. Probably the serious jerk is encountered by the offline markets, shop keepers, and street sellers.

The reason behind this is because both customers and sellers are in fear of being infected by the virus.

Preventive factors like social distancing are now expanding the gap between the business and the customers.

Of course, this is an economically terrible condition for any of the countries. Perhaps, the reason for coming in this post is that you are also one who or whose industry is badly affected.

Well now being coming on a positive note we should have to talk about the solutions for this phase in the blog bost.

Together with reviving your business in these tough times, you can also take it to the new dimensions in the future.

So be here in the blog…

Effects of COVID on Offline Businesses

Offline Businesses like shopkeepers at the marketplace, street vendors, or every other person who is directly or indirectly indulged is severely impacted due to this pandemic.

  • Many countries announced the lockdown after the spread of COVID which led the offline businesses to shut down for uncertain times.


  • Post lockdown period also not anyway be helpful for businesses in meeting their older speeds. This happens due to the fear of COVID spread that people start avoiding direct purchases through shops or street vendors.

Offline shops are going to face this same condition for a long period of time because this epidemic is going to exist for a longer period of time as predicted by various scientists and intellectuals.

So, you should have to prepare yourself both financially and mentally for an extended period of time.

And for that, you must have to plan for the new earning ideas that only make your economic and psychological conditions well.

We are briefly going to discuss that only here. To be continued…

Online Sales on Amazon is Booming Day by Day


When the majority of the businesses and industries are standing on the door of complete closedown.

E-Commerce and Online business are expanding exponentially. Online selling industries are breaking their former records on a daily basis.

  • Market Places like Amazon have measured approx 30% increase in sales after this situation as compared to the last data.


  • Amazon is notifying its large sellers to be prepared with large stocks of products for bumper sales.


  • Surveys and Studies are in favor that online sales on amazon is going to increase in the coming days.


  • Amazon has also posted a notification for the large recruitment of 20,000 employees, which is a clear indication of the bang of business.

Reason behind extreme demand on Amazon

  • Buyers are avoiding going to the physical marketplace for their requirements due to the fear of infection from COVID. They trying to maintain the social distancing and wanting least contact deliveries directly at their doorstep.


  • People also sometimes face the availability issues of the products in shops that they require. That is also becoming a significant reason for the shifting of customers towards e-commerce.


  • Shoppers are also scared to be cheated on behalf of products or their pricing, especially in the window shopping. So as the solution they are finding the online stores more credible as compared to their neighbor depots.

Opportunity for you to start a business on Amazon

So the question arises here, how can you benefit yourself by all this growth?

The industry which is still banging during this period is the online one. Basically the e-commerce one. You can also become part of this online revolution by starting selling your products on Amazon.

Doing business on amazon is not now any big milestone. Only by following some sort of procedures, you can start that just from your home’s comfort.

Depending on your current budget you can take the benefit of the ongoing occasion.

You can either contact the already established manufacturer for selling a particular product on amazon or can do the private labeling of the certain item(s).

Sales on Amazon in India’s Current Situation

Along with the crisis of COVID, India is also going through a conflict with China. This issue is thrusting on with the time. But, this can also be converted as the opportunity for the residents of India and as well as the rest of the world.

The government of India is now focusing on the matter of vocal for local. As well as pushing the Indian manufacturers to manufacture, innovate and come up with new ideas so that it can help India to be self-dependent.

There is also the atmosphere of Boycotting China being developed in India which is the golden opportunity for regional manufactures to uprise with the products which so far sold by Chinese markets.

So you just have to take advantage of the early bird or first-mover and increase your business on Amazon.

Advantages of selling on Amazon

  • Biggest E-Commerce Platform: Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world with millions of products listed on its site.


  • Trusted Platform: It is one of the most trusted platforms by the users due to its on-time delivery and unbiased ratings on the products. More than 197 million people visit its platform monthly.


  • Strong Delivery Network: Amazon has its own fast delivery network across the globe which helps sellers to make available their products worldwide. It has delivered more than 3.5 billion packages in 2019.

Solution to start a profitable business on Amazon with AMZblast

 AMZblast is basically a tool provider that helps you in selling and scaling the business with e-commerce platforms to the topmost level. It facilitates you with complete training about the selling on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

If you don’t know anything about selling online, making a store, finding and listing products, then also you are going to be a pro after the complete training. AMZblast has made online selling as like the kid’s play.

AMZblast also equipping its clients with the powerful Product Research Tool (PRT), which is a kind of magic tool for online sellers. PRT provides the sellers with a list of less competitive products, keyword research tools, margin calculators etc.

Features of AMZ Blast:

Reason to go with AMZblast for either enhancing your sales or starting a new business is as follows:

  • AMZblast aiding its clients with the domestically available or manufactured products based on their location. It will help in decreasing the cost price of the products which ultimately results in higher profits.


  • It provides a robust session with a sample niche of the products that are crafted in India itself


  • AMZblast provides entire coaching of selling on Amazon. What you just a will to learn and grow and you will be an expert seller within a couple of times.


  • AMZblast is also assisting their users with the powerful Product Research Tool (PRT). PRT helps you in finding less competitive products regionally available to you, keyword research tools, and many more compelling items.


Making your business on amazon not only be helpful for this COVID period but also it makes your income for life. And sometimes it will become the primary source of income for you. You are totally out of your regular business nowadays. So selling on amazon is a golden opportunity for you. And believe me, this will definitely help you in reviving your income.

There are many e-commerce platforms available but why is Amazon the best we had already discussed in the article. Conditions of the pandemic as well as the crisis with China is the best chance for sellers to go online and fill up the vacant space. If you move up the first you will definitely get the profit of early birds.

So what you are waiting for, let’s start your journey hereby and make yourself financially independent for the rest of your life.

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