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1) Can I create listing with “0” inventory? Can I get approved and start process with 0 inventory for FBA?
>>>Yes, you can create listing with “0” inventory.You can set launching date whenever you want to live your product.You can’t process for FBA if you don’t have product.
2) I am registering with my own brand, I am applying for TM this week, can I request same brand name for UPC? How do it do it?
>>>yes, you can request for UPC for your private brand which you want to list.

3) margins are little less for 1st time s buying from Wholesaler, how much budget should I set aside for facebook advertising?

>>You can start from100-200 Rs. per day and go up to.It is suggested go through our video module 7 chapter 4:-

4) initial reviews when do we need 1st day of approval or once product reaches customer? It will take 3 to 4 days with FBA
>>>Once product reached to customer.

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