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Dear sir/madam,

I talked with Storm manufacturer, for own brandname, his condition of MOQ is 1200 and not less than this. other two competitors are saling that product with Storm brand but they are selling zero product. Because storm itself sales it in Rs.698. So, just for quotation I talked with it. but a budget increases very high. I have a budget of Rs.80,000/- only and not more than that.

Other products like…

Pushup Bar, ASIN B013PK0EMU, min. order 1cbm i.e. 8 cartons i.e. 192 pairs, cost $2.1 per pair, shipping cost $420, total $823.2, Amazon min. price Rs.299.

Audio and charge adapter, ASIN B01LXFKSNA, for min. 50 order, cost $3, shipping charge $119, total $269, amazon price is Rs.3798 by Belkin.

What you think about it?

Also, can you please tell me easist way that how can I get a quality product under my budget and which have no or min. competition. for brandname every manufacture wants high order quantity. Here is not any local manufacturer in my area.

Please reply…
Thank you.


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