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>>>Hi sir

Let me answer it for you in detail.

1)Is there any restriction to import products from China now?
>>>As there is no such restriction right now. Our members are importing the products. About Import license that is IEC code. Under GST it is not mandatory. It’s really strange some time customs ask for it sometimes they don’t. So to remain secure better you go for IEC for next couple of months. For IEC you need a current bank account.

We don’t want you or any of members to get in trouble near future. So better you apply for IEC.

2) Is there any other source in India to buy products in cheapest cost like China?
>>>You can try to find products from a local manufacturer that are available at your state or other. Go for indiamart and select products that you can find in local market.

3)Amazon also selling more products which are famous. how can I compete it and how can I get buy button?
>>>If you are starting then we suggest you to not go with best selling products. Top selling products are extremely popular and selling in huge numbers. These sellers are getting products in huge quantity which facilitate them to sell product in cheap price. Avoid very top-selling products go little deeper like product with rank 50-300 there you will get tons of new potential products with margin.

To get buy button fast you can do following things:

1) It is suggested to get some quick friendly sells and reviews to get some early matrix which can help to get buy button fast and also help you to improve product visibility.
2) You must try to get 10-15 sells with at least 5-7 verified reviews and 3-4 unverified reviews.
3) For buy button you can also send stock to amazon FC which will help you to get buy button immediately.

4)Which products should I buy to sell?
>>>We expect that you should at least shortlist few products. As when you go for product research then you require to spend some time finding product, manufacturer, discussing price and shipment charges and based on that you calculate margins. Even if you shortlist few then we can discuss and finalize one for you.

Go to this link where we have given 20 potential product list.

If you run into any other issues at all, feel free to reach out to me, I’d be more than happy to help!
Number: + 91 8447649836, 01905 235864
Have a great day, in the meantime! ?

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