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1] This is my product ASIN: B075JFLDRW, i have launched this product a month before and i got few orders only and still i didn’t get the buy button, when it is possible to get it and how to increase my sale.

>>>>>> Once product launched then first 20 days would be very important to product matrix. It is suggested to get some quick friendly sells and reviews to get some early matrix which can help to get buy button fast and also help you to improve product visibility. For buy button you can also send stock to amazon FC which will help you to get buy button immediately. After some reviews and friendly sales product should immediately start organic sales.

2] Can i launch the next product and in which category shall i launch? shall i launch in the same home and kitchen category or in some other else?

>>>Yes, you can launch next product.You can select same category or different it depends upon you.

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