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>>>Hi Sir

Hope you are doing fine.

1)Wooden toys
>>>Can you give us similar reference product link available on Amazon or it’s ASIN number? It will be better if you tell us what type of wooden toys you are talking about.

2) I want to apply through our AMZ blast , to apply I need To declare the product I believe ?
>>>You can apply for GSTIN through us. You need to tell us 5 products or categories that you want to start selling. One thing I want to clarify that it is not mandatory to sell only those products or categories which you have specified during GST registration. You can add different products or different category later.

If you are going through us then our CA only wants 5 products list. They will include HSN code of product. Also, we have provided you video module to find HSN code.

Link to HSN video:

Let me know if you need help with anything else!

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