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1. As I discuused earlier I didn’t started anything. But now i decided to start with ASIN: B00VTHAS00, and i checked with china supplier cost is less but product quality is poor, so i decided to make product with our local supplier, I will discuss with local supplier and finalize it soon. I wanted know many suppliers are already selling the same product with same brand & many suppliers also selling in private label. Please suggest….
>>>You can go with this product yes you can find this in local market. if you don’t want to sell private brand go with generic or neutral brand and also it is suggested calculate the margin first.
2. And I have one more product in my mind can i do this i wanted know monthly revenue of this product is it really good….link shared below for your ref.
>>>You can go for it but ask for a sample product first and check the quality of the product. After checking product sample then only you have to decide to go with this product.

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