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1)B0768THFQH, B0768TQPXN
>>>You need to work on title, bullet points, lower area of product.

1)Try to include proper keywords such as saree cover bags with zip, saree covers set of 12, saree covers transparent, saree cover multiple color, saree cover bags etc. You can change your title accordingly.

2)Once product launched then first 20 days would be very important to product matrix. It is suggested to get some quick friendly sells and reviews to get some early matrix which can help to get buy button fast and also help you to improve product visibility. For buy button you can also send stock to amazon FC which will help you to get buy button immediately. You must try to get 10-15 sells with at least 5-7 verified reviews and 3-4 unverified reviews.

You can create promotion coupon and give it to your friends and family and ask them to give you reviews.
Go through this link to create promo code:

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