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>>Hello Sir,

1) Is facebook ads must for driving traffic to the amazon page ?

Let me tell you in detail regarding fb advertisement:

>>No it is not must to advertise on facebook for driving traffic on amazon. But we also want our customers to get some friendly sales and verified reviews which can be done through social media. Social media include fb, whatsapp, calling etc.

>>You can definitely do promotions. You can create facebook campaign and create awareness about your product.

>>Yes you can opt for FB promotion. It will aware people about your product and it will help you with generating initial sales.

2)Wont the Amazon search bar information be enough?

>>Can you please elaborate your query. I am not getting you properly?

3)How much should a new seller keep aside for advertisements?

>>Initially Facebook works on weekly payment system means if you have budget of 200Rs daily then Facebook send you bill after a week which will be around 1400 and 1600. You can either select daily budget or one time budget.

>>I am going to open our conversation on my end for now, So that you can ask your query again..


>>Have a nice day.

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