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1)how to apply for sell automotive restricted catagory for our pvt lable brand?
>>>To apply for this category you need proper invoice and bill where you have purchased it from. Amazon asks these two things. Make sure you have these documents.

2)how to set shipping rates?
>>>Let me tell you Shipping rates depends upon the Product volume and Distance from where you will importing.
On Average If you are going with 1 carton like 15kg they take 100$. For 2 carton they usually cost 180$. so According to your size of the product and how much you are purchasing you can calculate your shipping cost.

>If you are going for small stock like 2-3 cartons, in that case, we would suggest you go with FedEx, DHL or Aramex.
>You can go for sea cargo but you have to make sure to go with bulk quantity like 15 cartons or 150kg.

3)about product tax code?
>>>PTC code is amazon declared code that follows govt. declared GST rates. To find exact PTC you need to find your product tax slab, check this link to find your product tax slab:
You can also find GST tax slab using app named ” GST rate finder”.

Once you find that rate then select appropriate PTC, check rate table along with PTC table.

Suppose your product is a toy and it will fall under tax slab of 28% so you need to select A_GEN_PEAK.
Link to video:

4)how to upload digital image signature,it is necessary ?
>>>I guess you are asking about IEC application. After implementation of GST you don’t require IEC, But some of custom people who are not aware yet are asking for IEC so to remain secure you can certainly apply for IEC.

IEC application can be filled online, also you can make IEC application fee online which is just rupee 500.

Once all the information provided on DGFT website and you paid its fee online then there are two way to submit IEC form.

1.Online submission – If you have DGFT digital signature then you can use it and submit form online. Digital signatures usually comes in a small USB drive which you require to plug while you submit IEC form.
2.Offline submission – If you don’t have DGFT digital signature then you can take printout of all the pages that you submitted and self attest these documents. Finally send these document to your local DGFT office. Below this video we have provided list of all the DGFT offices in india.

If you applied for IEC online and submitted it with digital signature then there is no need of submitting print out documents manually. Otherwise, if you don’t have digital signature then only you have to speed post these all documents to DGFT office.

Video link:

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