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Reply to Amazon is disappointing me like anything

Hey Sanchit,

Kritika stepping in from team, happy to help!

By concerning your query with Vikash sir let me give you details here.

I would suggest you forget about this particular listing and create a new one with UPC we have provided. First of all to make sure to write down title, bullet points and lower area on your local system before making it live.

It seems that some error is been triggered with this listing so better we delete or leave it and create a new one.

While creating title make sure you are not creating a very long title, first go with title with 20-25 words and later you can edit it as you want. Make sure that you are not doing too many changes in single day.

Surely due to continuous changes and requests from you some error is been triggered so please avoid to make too many changes to this new listing, at least initial couple of days.

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any questions!

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