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First, check the quality of the product. If quality is better, then go for stock order.

Initially, when we start a business we go for small orders of 1-2 or max 3 cartons of products. Here we use international shipping companies such as FedEx, DHL to deliver products on our doorstep. These companies bring a product from China to India and also take responsibility to clear it from customs but here they will require your KYC documents. These companies will also pay customs on your behalf and when they come to deliver product to your doorstep then they will take all the customs charges from you which they have already paid on your behalf.

Things to remember:
1)Try to find this product in the local market or India mart.
2)Talk to multiple manufacturers if you are getting this product from China and negotiate with reasonable price.
3)Always go for sampling first and check its quality. Quality is key here.
4)Check your margin. If you are getting good margin then you can go ahead but if the margin is low try to find next product.

Don’t use Paypal for stock ordering, use Paypal for sample only. For stock orders always use wire transfer cause in process of customs clearance they may ask for transaction detail and they only accept bank documents, not Paypal record.

Yes, Amazon will charge for their pickups. You have to raise a ticket in amazon seller account and they will let you know the pickup charges.
First, you need to create product listing convert it into an FBA. When you decided to convert into FBA then create a ticket in Amazon seller center and ask to convert. Immediately Amazon will start to follow you and guide you in every step.

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