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1.To register over Amazon India,after filling new email it asks Name,What name should I enter,Trade name as written over GST or simple My name.
>>>In starting when you create your account in Amazon than you have to give your name after that your legal company name which you resister in GST.

2.While registering over Amazon India should I send GST number certificates by post or upload it.
>>>No, only you have to give GST number.

3.If I register at this stage while I don’t have any product, should Amazon asks what you want to sell, at the sellers registration steps.
>>>Yes, you can register without product they ask you launching date then in that field you have to fill “in future”.

4.Should Amazon India need some fee for registration.

5.Anything else you want to input from your side.I watched Video modules where only Amazon brand registration covered.
>>>Can you explain what you want to know?

6.I have seen same product by same seller registered in 2 categories with different ASIN. Could it be possible? Product enquiry As I am seeing your october list,It contains lot of interesting products.
>>>We don’t suggest to any seller to list your same product in different categories.

1.As said in video modules, we have to find same products on international websites, which are getting good sales over amazon.I have seen finding same product is very difficult,they have similar product not same product.Can we go for similar product for private label/neutral or find exactly same product.
>>>Send us ASIN or link of your selected product.

2.The price of the similar products may vary on cost, how to consider that product.Should we go for the higher price one or lower price one?
>>>>>> See, when you are selling any product on Amazon the selling price of that product you can set the selling price of your product by getting reference from the existing product in Amazon make sure it should be comparative.

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