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>>>Hi mam

Extremely sorry for late reply. I was concerning with Vikash sir. There are few things I need to ask and some advice to make changes and include some add-ons. Let’s discuss it with one by one.

1)Have you done any recent changes in your listing or in pricing option? If there is any then let me know. With the recent changes if you made any can be a reason to drop your sales.

2)You can add multiple listing to different packages. Purchase product of same colour as your competitor is doing.
E.g. You can add red colour clips with rope. You can add 20 pieces of multiple colour clips, 40 pieces of similar colour clips.

3)Try to do Promotion. You can opt for Facebook promotion. Create campaign for your product and tell customers about your product and what are its uses.

4)On your product reviews there is one negative review from customer name Ishita. She didn’t received a rope. Provide her rope or new product. You can drop the mail or call her to remove this negative review and post good one.

5)Try to get more verified reviews. Amazon doesn’t give you direct customer contact number if you opt for FBA. But Amazon provides you encrypted email id in order detailed page. You can use that and ask customers for review.

Let me know if you need help with anything else!

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