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Thank you for quick response, I understand that completely, however if I am going to manufacturer they are ready to provide if I order bulk quantity. In starting stage it is not possible, In India also wholesale suppliers are ready to provide in small quantities, but If I contact manufacturer they are directing me to distributors or they are asking me to buy more quantity but with their brand name, for example I did inquired ASIN B076WQ3M5X, they provide box with their brand name and mrp.

Yesterday I went to one supplier for mobile case cover (I am not going to do this) they are ready to provide case for rs.30 to rs.70 but already that contains labels, brand printed etc. In this case I cant go with my brand. But I online selling rate is rs.150. Those are my doubts, so please clarify my doubts.

If I contact with multiple manufacturer in China, If I go for less quantity in starting stage, including shipping my product cost is looking high compared to price already selling in amazon. So how could I do that.

So please guide me how to start my online selling business with less quantity with less margin with private label. I know each every thing you cant do, but consider my above situation. I already discussed with you for following ASIN’s B014JAVM2G B073Y8L6RW but because I am not getting manufacturer who gives with less quantity with neutral brand, so I left those products and again searching for new. For shoe rack also ASIN B01IVS1H5Y product costing me which is already selling here in amazon. So I cant give competition and searching for this product B076WQ3M5X. Here also nothing working me.

I request you, kindly guide me clearly If any thing wrong. And help me to find a good product and manufacturer (sourcing techniques of manufacturers). Thanks in advance.


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