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>>>Yes, there are some changes in Amazon regarding Brand registry.See, when you list your product with private label product you need brand registry and authorization letter. TM sign is required to protect your brand from other sellers. For brand registries, it is suggested contact your CA. When you apply for Trademark it takes 1 month or less than one month to come TM sign once your TM sign comes you can use this. This is only for protect your brand name.Once you got trademark with your brand then you can send that document to Amazon.For register sign R, it takes 6 month-1 years.

1) Do the listing with my private label brand without brand registry on amazon(I have received my stock with brand name printed).

>>Yes, you can list your product on Amazon with the help of UPC codes.In starting you can give authorization leter when your TM sign is come give it to Amazon.TM trademark is required for protect your brand name.

2) Start selling the product on AMAZON with private label.

>>>yes, you can start

3) Based on the response in Sale, I will apply for brand trademark.

>>>Ok you can go but for private label, trademark is mandatory now otherwise another seller can jump ion your product listing.

>>>Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you for choosing AMZ Blast!Here is our contact numbe you can call between 9 AM to 5 PM:-08447649836,01905235864

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