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My question is how I will paste stickers on the all products that I have received from manufacturer. Do you mean that I should open each and every product and paste my logo on it and then send it to FBA. If this is correct then pasting the stickers would be very tedious job and I am not sure whether I will be able to do it like professionals. opening the product from the packed box will may lead to the loosing the freshness of the product which my customer may not like. Please help me in understanding this process.
>>>You have to paste the sticker by yourself you need to open each and every product and paste your logo on it or you can ask manufacturer they also do this if manufacturer from China. And you can hire someone for this.
First, you need to create product listing convert it into an FBA. When you decided to convert into FBA then create a ticket in Amazon seller center and ask to convert. Immediately Amazon will start to follow you and guide you in every step.
UPC is required for product listing and when you convert your stock to FBA that time Amazon provide you a label that needs to put on product carton.

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