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.Since my mother will not be the proprietor how it can be Sue in court of law.How this can be done.
>>> Sorry i thought you said your mother will be proprietor, anyway here you will be liable not your mother.

I also want to know that whether you want just PAN card information of my mother or also want to see original PAN card and photocopy of PAN card of my mother.
>>>You should provide your band card xerox and your mother’s PAN card number.

What do you want to tell me about sales tax and service tax which is my liability. As GST is already in operation what will be the nature of taxes.
>>>You have to pay sales tax or GST every month

What do you suggest as I am going to open a sole proprietorship firm to whether buy imported products from China that involves shipping, IEC and current account as because they are feasible option due high margin and best quality and low price OR should I go to buy product manufactured by Indian manufacturers that involves just saving account. What be the status of Indian manufacturer as far as cost ,shipping, high margin and quality of product involves on Chinese counterpart.
>>>Its entirely depend on you, based on product origin you can either buy it from Indiamart or alibaba. If you want to start with small stock then it is always suggested to go with indiamart. For purchase from alibaba current account is needed.

Do you provide services related to make IEC.
>>> No, all members apply and get IEC themselves.

How much old property tax receipt will be required to open current account.Which bank is the best to open current account. Will I need someone reference to open current account if I don’t have saving account in that bank.Can I show property tax receipt related to any period.
>>> HDFC, PNB or SBI suggested where you have wire transfer facility. Your GST no, PAN card, Adhar card and tax receipt would be required. Tax receipt should be recent one, contact bank they will give you exact how old tax receipt could be. You won’t need any reference but it depend on bank policies.

All the information related to run a business online are scattered in various modules.Like go here and there to complete different things.
>>> Chapters and modules are bundled to provide information in step by step order. Like in module 1 we have introduction, module 2 formalities, module 3 category and product selection.

What is niche suggestion. How strong do you think niche suggestion and product research tool as far as is concerned.kindly reply with proper response. Kindly reply as soon as possible.
>>> Niche selection gives you idea about hundred of possible niche you can target. Further you can workout and decide your niche. PRT is an unique tool here is india which will give you lot of indebted data along with EMS and EMR. It helps you to finalise best suitable product.

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