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1)You don’t need to register separately for proprietorship.
Getting GST number would be enough. When you are applying for GST number you have to mention your company name the i.e legal name of the business and this will be itself kind of proprietorship company registration.

2)When you are going to apply for GST you have to mention only 5 categories of product to start your GST process. like home and kitchen, sports, baby category etc, not a specific product.

3)No separate documents require to start your business in case of proprietorship. But if you going to order stock from China then you require IEC code also.

4) Let me tell you the documensts required for GST:
A) You require your pan card. In case if you want to register your company with your father’s name, wife’s name, other family members name then you have to provide their pan card,
B) Aadhar card
C)Your own passport size Photograph
D)First page of your passbook which includes all the details of yours or canceled cheque
If you are going with proprietorship GST then both saving or current account will work.
E)Business address proof
If you live in your own place then you have to use electricity bill that comes with your name or on your
fathers name.
If you are living in a rented property or commercial property then you require Rent agreement and electricity
bill copy also.

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