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1) The IMPORT process in summary.

Precautions while importing any products from websites like Alibaba.
>• If you are ordering a stock then do payment using bank wire transfer. Prefer Alibaba Trade assurance.
• Never do under-invoicing.

>>Initially when we start a business we go for small orders of 1-2 or max 3 cartons of products. Here we use international shipping companies such as FedEx, DHL to deliver products on our doorstep. These companies bring a product from China to India and also take responsibility to clear it from customs but here they will require your KYC documents. These companies will also pay customs on your behalf and when they come to deliver product to your doorstep then they will take all the customs charges from you which they have already paid on your behalf.

2)Documents needed ( in the sequence of which is needed to avail the other).
>>When shipping companies bring your product then they will give you a BOE document here they will require your KYC documents. KYC includes your IEC, GST document etc

3. The BUY BOX for new listing/seller?
>>Once product launched then first 20 days would be very important to product matrix. It is suggested to get some quick friendly sells and reviews to get some early matrix which can help to get buy button fast and also help you to improve product visibility. For buy button, you can also send the stock to Amazon FC which will help you to get buy button immediately. After some reviews and friendly sales, the product should immediately start an organic sales.

4. Should I print UPC code or FNSKU in the product package?
>>No it is not mandatory to print these in your product package but I will send you the link of details which is imp. to write on a product package. Here is the link.

5. Why can’t we ship the product directly from the manufacturer to Amazon warehouse?
>>Sir, this rule in not applicable in India. When you order the stock, it will go directly to that address which you have given at the time of GST registration.

Getting GST would be enough to start your business in case of proprietorship.
If you want to apply GST from us then let me know. I will send you the required details and documents of GST.

Best Regards.

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