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Reply to During my brand registry it is asking for a Trademark registration number

>>Hello Santosh,
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1)Kindly explain me about this(Trademark) and also let me know that how can i get Trademark registration number for my self to proceed further.

Let me tell you in detail about Trademark and how you get it.

>> You need to get Trademark for your brand, sometime they also ask for manufacturer authorization letter which suggest that they allowing you to sell product with your brand.

>> For brand registry it is suggested to contact your local chartered accountant and you can also take help of our CA for trademark.

>> You need to get Trademark with your brand which should be unique and then you can provide trademark document to amazon which will lock all your listing for existing sellers.

>> If you got trademark then they may take hardly 1 week to register your brand. Usually couple of days.

>> You can only protect the brand name by getting the trademark. Once you get a trademark with your brand, you can send that document to Amazon and ask them to remove all the products listed with your brand. Amazon will also remove all sellers for your listings because you are the sole owner of the trademark.

>>If you are going with private label product then you have to list manufacture name from whom you take your product and brand name of the product will be your brand if you are going for FBA.

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