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If you don’t find any product EMS in PRT then you can go to where you can put related product ASIN. When you find the related product in there it will show product rank. You have to select the product rank then go PRT select category of product and set rank. It will fetch details of the product. the e.g product is related to the baby category, you have to select a baby category and right side select rank option in PRT. Paste rank of the product. It will show you estimates.

B074P4G6WQ:- As i found there is medium competition with this product. You can compete for your competitor by listing your product good, by giving a good potential product or after being live your product you have to get early friendly sales and some verified reviews.

B01LX42WTT:- Don’t go with it. This is a very crowded product.

B0752KPW5W:- Yes this is a very good product if you want to go with it try to go with some better quality product and check your price also with competitor price. As i am looking there is no more competition. When you go live with your product try to get early friendly sales and some verified reviews.

B0171KZL14:-This is a good product but quality may issue. No competition for this product and no sales. If you want to go with this product try to go with better quality but first check your price margin with the manufacturer. But the main thing is how people will find this product on Amazon because people are not aware of some these kinds of things. For that, you have to work very hard on its title and then you have to make some promotions After that you have to target early sales within a week after launching this product. It is little bit expensive process.

B074FV4N3L:- Don’t go with it because of no sales and having some quality issues.

For further queries, you can revert back.

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