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Hello Ma’am,
My Listing is now active so can i now remove its stock and put 0 in inventory? as i dont want to fulfill it and i dont even have the packaging material.. i was waiting for my APOB to get approved so that i can directly start from FBA, so should i make that listing inactive? i hope it wouldn’t hurt my rank?
In the inventory page the amazon referal fee says 102 rupees but that is too much according to the sheet they provide. my product is of electronics category and i also put it under electronics category while listing but amazon is charging too much referal fee on the product but actually the referal fee is only 7.5% which should amount to 45 rupees but they are charging 102 rupees. what can i do to correct that?
And finally, Ma’am please advise me the best methods to increase my sales when i will get my APOB, Im affraid that there is too much competition now maybe.. but earlier ma’am told me that every product sells and it depends on my hardwork on listing which would result in sales. as u have seen my listing is of very good quality and i am also doing little more changes to make it even better. but still i would like to know what i should do more to make sales and rank much higher and come up on 1st page.

Thankyou in advance. Your help would be highly appriciated.

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