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Reply to Getting Error while someone is ordering for my product

>>>Hey Manish

Hope you are doing fine.

I have also try to purchase your product with Mandi address. As there is no FC center here and let me tell you one thing here I can purchase your product. Tried with Delhi address. It can ship to the selected address. If this issue happens again Send the screenshot at

To make your listing better :
1)Opt for FBA. It will help you to get buy button fast.

2)Do some genuine purchase. Ask someone to buy the product and then write a good review.

3)Some of keywords I have keyword research tool that you can include in your title, bullet points and lower area description.

cloth line for drying clothes
cloth liner retractable
retractable clothes line 9 feet

Here liner as well line are included.

You have misspelled some of words like fit – feet, matel coorect is metal, Installtion- correct is installation. Can you please check the spelling of words?

If you run into any other issues at all, feel free to reach out to me, I’d be more than happy to help! Your ticket is open and you can reply it here.
Number: + 91 8447649836, 01905 235864
Have a great day, in the meantime! ?

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