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Good Afternoon,

Thanks for your GSTIN request.

Please check this file to find out list of documents we require to file your GST request.

If you are planning to do business alone then we suggests to go for proprietorship. Kindly reply this mail with all the documents so that we can verify documents and proceed to file your GST. Once documents verified we will provide you link to pay GST charges which would be 2500/-

Step1: Take photo copy of original documents.
Step2: Self attest photocopy of all the documents.
Step3: Scan all the self-attested documents.
Step4: Scanned Documents will be accepted.
Step5: Fill this form and upload all documents here:
Legal information of business:
1. Legal name of business.
2. Date of commencement of business.
3. Type of business and product which you sell.

Note: Passport size photograph must be clear and scanned (Avoid selfie kind of pictures). While replying documents make sure files does not exceed 5MB otherwise send documents in multiple mail.

You can upload your documents in this email id:
I am also sending you the details in your email id:

In case if you have any query you can write to us or call us on our mobile number: +918447649836

Manisha 🙂

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