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Kritika stepping in from mentors team, happy to help.

Definitely I will provide our number so that you can directly interact with mentors. If it is about return issues then I have some FAQ’s that can help you out. Please see the below answer

1)Which categories we should focus in order to get minimum returns
None electronic or none mechanical product, avoid cloth and apparels too

2) What is the process we have to follow in case of order returns?
>>>you will get return request from buyer and upon your acceptance amazon ship it back to you.

3) If the returned comes in damaged conditions or without the actual product , what we need to do to recovery our product cost?
>>> You need to inform amazon they workout on this and pay you. You should not refund buyers unless you are not getting product.

4) In case of FBA how to manage returns also how do we get our money refund in case FBA returns.
>>> It vary product to product, you can repack and send unused product to next buyers at the same time on damage they pay you too.

5) What should we follow to get minimum returns of our products.
>>> Go for good quality products with proper informative listing

6)how to deal with returns and refunds in these cases?
>>>Return would be managed by Amazon in most of the cases if they have ATS service in buyer city which happens 90% of time. You will get return request from buyer and upon your acceptance amazon ship it back to you.

I’m going to go ahead and open our conversation on my end, for now, If you run into any other issues at all, feel free to reach out to me, I’d be more than happy to help!
Have a great day ?

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