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>>Welcome to amzblast>>

>>As you say you are dietary and ayurvedic manufacturing company and have the establishment in Delhi NCR and Hyderabad then you must be having a licence, company registration, test report, Trademark etc. then you can go for this segment.

>>The information and saleability of whey protein on these websites:
1) Since this product has a lot of competition but as you said you own the manufacturer then you can list it.

>>You can start your online business with following steps:

• First Go through all our videos series and understand the process. It will automatically answer most of the queries that you have in your mind.

•Finalising category of your product.

•Get GST No.

•You can go with your selected product and use PRT tools given in the video modules.

•Workout to arrange few friendly sales and reviews.

•Go live with your Product.

•Get early friendly sales and reviews as you have already arranged.

>>In case if you have any query you can write to us or call us on our mobile number: +918447649836


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