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>>>Kindly consider my query because Currently I dont have access to PRT & I am a new member……………

>>>Yes you can search manufacturers on You can make the account on there you will find a lot of manufacturers and suppliers.
⦁ Find out multiple manufacturers and talk to them on product quality, pricing, packing and shipping options. Here is the question how to find best manufacturer. For that you can go with Here you can find large number of manufacturers details.
⦁ When we select manufacturer one must be careful about selecting it. The parameters what should be follow while selecting a manufacturer is its name, must be 3 years gold supplier(any supplier more then 2 years of selling products its status is called Gold supplier), response rate should be more then 70%, quality assurance and recent transactions should be good and it must be verified supplier.
⦁ If all these qualities you find while selecting a manufacturer it means he is trustworthy and their products are reliable without returns. provides you the chat option with manufacturers. If you want to chat with them you go to company profile, then go to home page there you will find listings of marketing executives. You can chat with anyone. Here is the screenshot below

⦁ If no one is online you can tag them or create an email regarding their products. In this way you can check their product inventories, negotiate for best price with manufacturers. After checking the price Calculate margins. You can use FBA Calculator for checking margins of the product which is available on AMZ Blast website.

⦁ For checking product quality you can ask for a sample product. When you order for sample product it should be 1 or 2 in quantity. You can pay by using paypal or wiretransfer through bank. For sample product paypal is best option or if you are suppose to order a stock you can pay via wiretransfer/TT.
⦁ What is product sampling:- Product sampling is the goal of a manufacturer to help the consumer to better understand their product. Product sampling gets customer thinking about product, customer loyalty etc. Product sampling is based upon two factors e.g Product quality and customize the product.
⦁ If you are asking for a sample product you can check what type of product it is. Use it and take some time with it as you are giving importance to your dear one. Now check quality by using it.
⦁ You can get more information of the product by searching it on Amazon. If product is good and lot of people wants to purchase this product. Then check the competitors rates also. If you are going to sell this product in near future you have to set parameters with your rates. Besides price and quality you can check reviews .
⦁ After asking for a sample product you can customize the product also. If you are using a product and you need some changes in the product you can ask manufacturer about it. Here customer can tailor the product appearance, features or content to their own specifications. Customer loyalty can only be achieved through this they can eventually predict what new features thoes customers will want.
⦁ If sample is all right, we will proceed with it otherwise repeat product selection again or choose another manufacturer. Do this until you get satisfied with your product.

>>>If PRT is your answe……………….

>>>PRT is product research tool. So it has the facility to check parameters of products like its EMS, EMR, price, ratings, reviews and so on… off the product. It will not tell you how to find manufaccturers.

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