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Hope you are doing fine!

Kritika stepping in from mentors team, happy to help!

>>>ASIN is unique product code given by Amazon.

>>>SKU is unique product code given by you for your own inventory. For e.g. you can have your first product SKU as 1, second product as 2, third product as 3 and so on.

Or you can have your first product SKU as 101, second product as 102, third product as 103 and so on. Again SKU uses for your own product identification and you can have just anything as your SKU.

If there is no Barcode written then you can use UPC code to live your product that we provide. UPC is unique product code of your product and you can use this UPC in different marketplaces that means you can use same UPC on Flipkart, Amazon and other websites. For listing products, we use UPC codes.

I’m going to go ahead and open our conversation on my end, for now, If you run into any other issues at all, feel free to reach out to me, I’d be more than happy to help!
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