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Reply to How to handle Customs while importing

1) customs problems
>>> Initially when we start business we go for small orders of 1-2 or max 3 carton of products. In starting you need to go with Air cargo. Here we use international shipping companies such as FedEx, DHL to deliver products on our doorstep. Find out should these companies provide shipping at your address. Provide your manufacture your pin code. These companies bring a product from China to India and also take responsibility to clear it from customs but here they will require your KYC documents. These companies will also pay customs on your behalf and when they come to deliver product to your door step then they will take all the customs charges from you which they have already paid on your behalf.

2) what documents to get from China supplier
>>>You need invoice and brand authorization letter from manufacturer if you want private label product.

3) Will we need to go to port to pickup the order?
>>>No, you don’t need.

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