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1)Which is a better way to import products from China for starters if we choose low quantity Air or Ship?
>>>For Product Delivery, you to select either air cargo or sea cargo services. If stock is less 2-3 cartons of products you can go with air cargo. You can go for sea cargo but you have to make sure to go with bulk quantity like 15 cartons or 150kg.

2).What documents we need to import products from china and what would be the procedure of importing ?
>>>For custom clearance you need just KYC and sometime transaction detail. Let me explain you in detail:

When you start business you start with small stock like 2-3 cartons. For that we suggest you use international courier companies such as FedEx and DHL. These companies will take complete responsibility to deliver your product at your doorstep. They will take product from manufacturer, pay custom duty, clear it from the customs and deliver it to you.When they come to deliver you have to pay them custom duties whatever they have already paid.

Also when your product lands in India these companies will ask for your KYC. As KYC you have to provide your personal PAN card if it is proprietorship otherwise provide company PAN card, GST number or GSTIN, Bank statement.

3)Where we get delivery of product if we import via sea route and air route?
>>> For sea-based shipping it is always suggested to use shipping agents. You can find shipping agents using just dial, they will take complete responsibility to deliver product to your doors. They will also take responsibility to clear it from customs. So both in air cargo as well as sea cargo, the product will deliver at your doorstep.

4)One toy manufacturer asking BIS certificate from me what is that?
>>>About BIS certificate:
BIS is required in electronica and electrical product. See when you are going with small stock you don’t require BIS certificate. In case of large shipment, you need BIS(you need to get it from yourself) or CE(ask your manufacturer for it)certificate.

Here is the link to a site on which you have to submit your application:-

5)How customs duty paid in India on imported products at what time?
>>>You are paying GST twice.
First when you buy product (local product) or during custom(when you import).
Second when you sell and take taxes from buyers.

6)Customs officials need what documents from buyers?
>>>You need proper invoice with unit price, total cost, shipping charge etc mentioned on document.

Let me know if you have other queries.

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