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1) In which name should i open my current bank account, in my name or in my company name
>>You should open your current bank account with your company name.

2) Bank people say that i can choose any among them as it is a sole proprietorship but i am worried that it should not cause problems with my custom clearance as bank account in my IEC is a different bank account plus IEC is alloted to my office adress with the name of HK Industries and not my name even though applicants name is mine director’s name is mine.
>>Either you go for sole proprietorship or another you should open current account with company name.
Look your GST and IEC address should be that address from where you want to start your online business.

3) I also wanted to know if like i willopen in my name then my home address will be on the documents of current account not the address of HK Industries. But again its a sole proprietorship so does that matter? or i should just go with my name and not change bank details in IEC also and it will not create any problem in future?
>>You should open your current account with that address which you have given at the time of GST and use your company name while applying for IEC.

>>In nutshell, you should open your current account with company name and address of GST and IEC code should be same from where you want to start your online business.

>>Hope your query got resolved ?If you have further query you can write us, our working time is 9 AM to 5 PM,here is our contact number : + 91 8447649836, 01905 235864


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