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Good day!

When you are going to add keywords to your keyword tab of product listing then these following steps need to follow:-

(1) Words which are not can be written in Title, Bullet pt & description
>>>>You can add the main title keyword of your product in your title, bullets and lower area description at least twice(Don’t repeat it again and again) it will create spam if you will use it again and again.

(2) Search phrase like ” Hooks for hanging clothes” & again write another type of phrased ( after giving space) which are used for searching the product.
>>>>>When you are going to add multiple keywords by using those keywords through which people can search your product. Make sure all keywords are relevant to your product. For example ” Hooks for hanging clothes” then use a comma(,) after that give space and add your next relevant keyword.

For further queries you can revert back to us.


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