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B077PYLSPP>>You have done a great job. Your product images are very good. Listing is good try to use relevant keywords. You can find keywords through our keywords research tool.

>>Some of the keywords you can include in your title, bullet points and lower area are:

Broom stick for home
broom holders
broomstick for cleaning floor long
broom and mop holder

1)How to get friendly sales? What are different ways to get friendly sales?
>>You can get friendly sales from advertisement on facebook and any social sites. You can call to your family/friends, you can whatsapp them regarding your product etc.

2)Can I offer discounts to family/friends/relatives?
>>Yes, you can offer discounts to family/relatives.

3)Are reviews from family/friends valid?
>>Yes, reviews from your family/friends are valid.

For more details go though our video link:

Have a good day ahead.

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