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Hey there,

Kritika stepping in from mentors team, happy to help!

Sir, Keyword research tool is the answer to your query. Keywords that are included in tier 3 are longtail keywords that can help you to find your product on Amazon. As you know there is 3 tier in our tool.

>>>Tier 1 keywords are those that people have mostly searched for the product on Amazon. These keywords you can mostly use in your title or in bullets points.

>>>Tier 2 keywords are second most searched one and it includes multiple terms that people searched with. Try to use it in your bullets points. Tier 3 keywords specify different terms that user search with and you can include in bullets point and lower area description.

>>>Basically, with the help of Tier 1,2,3, you can find different keywords you can list your product with. Also, It will help you to find a different niche you can add to your product.”

Let me know if you need any help!

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