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You can use pictures of your product with giving an example how to use it.

You can write lower description area in steps.

Use some relevant keywords.

Write it in notepad as see below we have first write it in notepad and then paste it here.

POSTMARK: Premium Body fat Measurement tool Set/ Kit: High/ Top Quality Manual/ Analog Body fat caliper + BMI (Body Mass Index) Measure tape, Best fat tester kit for Men/ Women/ Girls, Ultimate fitness tracking machine (White colour)
First, write these in notepad and then copy paste it in our lower area description tool. It will get neutral After that try to paste it in your lower area description at seller central account.

Things To Know: Doesn’t Matter you just want to be fit or want to lose weight or might want to get some more muscles. In any circumstances, you have to track your body fat percentage as well as body mass index.
Description: Highly accurate body fat caliper and BMI measure tape.
Accurately measure your body fat using POSTMARK: Premium Body fat Measurement tool Set/Kit, Manual/Analog Body fat caliper + BMI (Body Mass Index) Measure tape One-time investment for lifelong health. Must have measurement kit for all your family members. Be fit to live healthily.
Features: 5 Years of warranty (If any technical fault occurs in the product) Easy To Use, Easy To Handle, Easy To Cary. Ultimate body fat tracking tool. 3 Highest possible accuracy. Ultra-Light Weight, Fat measurement kit, can be even carried out in your pocket. Just 1 minute to measure your accurate body fat percentage.
Package Included: Brand new POSTMARK Premium Manual/Analog Body fat caliper Brand New POSTMARK BMI (Body Mass Index) Measure tape and last but not the least tons and tons of Best wishes to be fit and healthy life.

And you can use your bullet points more briefly.

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