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Good Afternoon,
Hope you are doing good,
Manisha this side,

I think you are asking about FBA process.
So here is the meaning and process of FBA:

For FBA, first, you need to create product listing convert it into an FBA. UPC is required for product listing you can list your product with UPC codes which we providing to you. When you decided to convert into FBA then create a ticket in Amazon seller center and ask to convert. Immediately Amazon will start to follow you and guide you in every step.

You need to get ABOP for FBA as you have to mark amazon FBA center as additional business location, you can ask exactly which form they need in your region. In Delhi, they were asking for form 7 of DVAT. Once you got their reply then talk to CA and he will easily provide that certificate to you.

As for helpline number I am sending you a complete step by step process to contact Amazon.
Open this Link:

Product picking facility for Amazon Fulfilment Centres or FC varies and depending on how busy they are….sometimes in rare cases, if they asking to bring product then you have to send it to them and then they will store, pack and ship. In case if you want to keep stock at your location then you can keep and upon sell you have to pack it and schedule amazon pickup service to pick, here they will take responsibilities of shipping and delivery. Packing materials you can buy from

If you have a further query you can write us again.

Best Regards.
Manisha 🙂

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