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1)I want to do private label business & create own brand, is it fine to go with sole proprietorship? do or I need to get gumasta also?
>>>Yes you can go with sole proprietorship and create your own brand. After GST there is no need of Gomasta. But to cross check you can ask your CA about it. Still, if CA says to apply for that you can certainly go for it.

2)Do I need to open bank account in the name of my firm or myself?
>>>If you are registering your firm with sole proprietorship then your current or saving account will work. We suggest you to go with saving account.

3)the electricity bill is under the name of old owner. Can you give a brief plan of action?
>>>If electricity bill comes under the name of owner then you can provide another tax receipt? Tax receipt that shows that you have bought the flat.

4)Suggest me few categories or product to start?
>>>We expect that you should at least shortlist few products. As when you go for product research then you require to spend some time finding product, manufacturer, discussing price and shipment charges and based on that you calculate margins. Even if you shortlist few then we can discuss and finalize one for you.

If you have selected few products let us know we will finalize one for you. Send us ASIN number or reference link of product that will be really helpful. You are right we also suggest our member to start with small investment.

About your category selection baby, sports & fitness, home & kitchen are good category to start with your own private label.

5)How I can start private label business with sole proprietorship so that I doesn’t cause any issues later with amazon policies (Like Brand registry, Brand In fingerprint, UPC etc.) ?
a)When you buy a product from the manufacturer you need private label product with your brand name or you are authorized to sell that product with your name. Make sure they provide you authorization letter on their company letterhead.

b)After getting authorization letter go for brand registry and for trademark. For brand registry, it is suggested to contact your local chartered accountant. You need to get Trademark with your brand which should be unique and then you can provide trademark document to Amazon which will lock all your listing for existing sellers.

c)UPC is required for product listing and when you convert your stock to FBA that time amazon provide you a label that need to put on product carton. While you list your own product you need to provide an UPC which we provide to you. Let us know when you need UPC code.

6)some suggestions on category & products one which I should work?
>>>Top selling products are extremely popular and selling in huge numbers. These sellers are getting products in huge quantity which facilitate them to sell product in cheap price. Avoid very top-selling products go little deeper like product with rank 50-300 there you will get tons of new potential products with margin.

Here is list of categories we suggest:-
1. Toys and Games
2. Home and kitten
3. Sports, Fitness
4. Mobile accessories
5. Car & motorbikes
6. Baby
7. Beauty
8. Office products
9. Pet supplies

7)If I want to discuss with mentors, is there any number I should call?
>>>You can call us on this number: 91 8447649836, 1905 235864 within working hours.

8)Should I go for FBA or self-ship? As I’m starting and want to keep the investment minimal I wonder if FBA will be costly?
>>>Sir if you want to go with easy ship service of Amazon then if there is not ATS service in buyer end then you need ship product with the help of private courier.

>>About fake orders you can opt for FBA. It can help you to reduce fake orders.
>>Most of places where amazon ATS available they will take return responsibility and send stock to you but in those cases where they don’t have pickup they will ask customer to ship by themselves. So amazon will automatically solve more then 80% of return cases as it has very wide coverage but in those place where buyer place is not covered under amazon ATS they have to ship themselves and you have to tell them the reason.

We suggest to go for FBA first.

Let us know if you stll have any queries.

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