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Hello Ankita,

Hope you are doing fine! …………………………

>>>With this product the product rate is very high and a lot of competition in a single product. If you want to go with this product then i guess you should go with sets of products e.g. se tof 2, 4, 6 with multiple listings. Check your margin first with manufacturer.

>>>This product is brand dominated. If you want to go with this product you have to take test reports from manufacturers.

>>>Similar this product is also good. The first page has a lot of competition and others having less but requires test reports from the manufacturer.

This is a good product but importing toys require WPC license. Generally, WPC license requires when we import products like baby toys(toys which baby can put in their mouth), health products, etc. Or getting WPC license is very costly. Agents charge a lot. So it is up to you if you want to go with it.

This is also very good product but requires WPC license for import.

As i have checked your almost products requires WPC license. It is a little bit costly process.

If you don’t want to go any of this product so I am sending you list of December potential products. you can start any product among them.

For further enquires you can revert back to us.


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