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Reply to Need Next step guidance after GST application

Hello Sir,

Good afternoon

I have applied GST with you………..

Ok sir, fine

As i have checked your link i found
>>>Sir product is good and price is also good but the manufacturer which you have chosen is not according to our parameters
Try to find out a manufacturer who is 3 year Gold supplier, his transaction level must be two and a half( diamonds), he must be verified supplier on the basis of that it confirms us a good manufacturer.

>>>Or always go with the sample to check products quality first.

>>>Yes, this product is also good but i am not able to open your link properly.

>>>Similarly check manufacturer details and go with sample product first.

>>>Yes, you can include gloves with that product also.

>>> I understand that I have to go for sample………….

>>>Sir, i think you must order 2-3 samples don’t go too many samples like 3-5

>>>Sir, if you finding less margin with these products or any financial issues I hope you can find these products in India Mart also or you can search for local manufacturers.

I hope you got it.

>>>Still you find any stag in further proceedings then you can revert back.

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