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Good noon

I am about to finalize product in camera backpack……

Yes, you can start with this product as you can target niche like strips, straps etc as you can check it on

For which how should I …………
Sir about bargain first you can communicate to different manufacturers. I dont know what is your estimated cost. But you can tell them this is my estimated cost and i am supposed to buy under this cost. Bargain with them. And tell them i am going to expand my business within coming days so definitely i will make deals with you.
I am sending you the link of FBA calculator through which you can check your margin.

Also, I am going to launch………….

First of all i want to suggest you you can go in different variations with this product. E.g. niche:- Camera bags with baby feeding bottles, camera bags with laptop case etc. In this way you can target niche.

Also, which products should I target once……..

Sir depends on you. Just check the competition or demand and make your product listing good.

f you want details & can provide me with assessment ………..

Yes, sure you can send the details to us.

Have a nice weekend 🙂


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