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>>It is extremely sorry for late reply due to some technical error.

B0751P7HL3: Please provide us correct ASIN number.

B074V9C9D4: As we saw your listing, there are no verified reviews in your product. The ratio of verified reviews should be 7:3. It means 7 verified reviews and 3 unverified reviews. But in your case, there are no verified reviews. Which could be harmful to your listing because Amazon considers it as spam. When there are no verified reviews in your listing then it is better to get some verified reviews.

>>Use the main title “knee cap ” in bullets and lower description area at least twice.

>>Use proper keywords like:

Knee cap for men,
Knee cap for gym,
Knee cap for men knee pain.

>>Here is our keyword tool link:

>>Our keyword tool helps you to find better keywords for your listing.


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