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Reply to not getting any sale

Hello Mam,

God afternoon

B0776CBTMN:- Mam, is this your own product listing or you have entered in the anothers listing?Kindly confirm us first.

B0775WSNFC:- In this product, you should make some changes like

>>>First put some good quality pictures and you can put at least 8 pictures as Amazon allows this.
>>>Try to elaborate your bullet points.
>>> Lower description area should be written in steps.
>>>Use your main keyword twice in bullets points as well as lower description area.
>>>Try to get early friendly sales and some verified reviews as you can take help of your friends and family.

B07762DYM3:- Try to put 8 pictures.

>>>Use the first picture with white background.

>>>Similarly you can improve your bullet points by making it brief and lower area description must be written in steps.

>>>Use main keyword in bullet points as well as lower description area e.g “Puncture kit”.

>>>Get early friendly sales and verified reviews.

B0771TV9MN:- Mam, similarly with this product you can follow above given points.

Mam, when you will make changes in your listings you can send us for checking.

The main thing depends upon the listing of your products.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks & Regards,

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