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>>>Hi Ashish

Sorry to reply late.

Product selection:

1)MFI certified cable for iphone, (Received a quot of 3.96 USD/peice for 100 pieces + 114 USD (freight + paypal fee)
>>>> This product is over crowded so you cant be able to get visibility at frist top 5 pages thats why you cant expect sales with this product.

02. 3.5 mm, 1 to 2 ports audio splitter cable for mobile phones
>>>This product is also crowded so don’t go with this product.

03. Water Spray Gun for Gardens, with 8 adjustable watering pattern
>>> There is also competition with this products so you cant expect that much sales.

04. Bicycle/Bike handlebar, phone holder (Received a quot of 0.92 USD/Piece for 200 Pieces + 300 USD (shipping)
>>>There is also competition with this product so you can not expect sales and margin with this product.

We suggest you go through our new potential product list there you can try to find some products.
Link :

Let us know if you have shortlist few.

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