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1)What are the legal processes for creating my brand?
Step 1: Select any brand name and check this brand name is available and other sellers are not in it. You can go through govt. site.

Step 2: After finding that brand name is unique then ask manufacturer to put your brand name on product and provide you authorisation letter.
>>>Here is the link of sample template of “brand authorization letter from the manufacturer”. The underline words are variable. You can change it.
Make sure that your Chinese manufacturer prints this document on their letterhead and signed by authorized person.

Step 3: Apply for trademark. Let me explain you whole process of getting trademark.

With private label, it is mandatory to have trademark with your brand so that other sellers don’t come to your listing. You can do one thing you can list your product by using UPC codes which we provide and then apply for trademark.

Some of our sellers get brand approved with trademark document also with Brand Authorization.There are two things you can do:
1)You can send your trademark document along with manufacturer Authorization letter to request amazon for remove any listing using your brand. In some case amazon still accepting it.

2)If any seller selling your brand of product and you own Trademark along with authorization letter asking to remove their listing. If required you may also warn them to sue.

If you have trademark and manufacturer authorization letter and some other sellers try to come into your listing then you can provide trademark document to Amazon which will lock all your listing for existing sellers.

When you apply for Trademark it takes 1 month or less than one month to come TM sign once your TM sign comes you can use this. This is only to protect your brand name. Once you got trademark with your brand then you can send that document to Amazon. For register sign R, it takes 6 month-1 years.

2) What are the precautions?
>>>Don’t forget to get authorisation letter from manufacturer and also proper invoice.

3)what are steps to sell my own branded products?
>>>Our whole video modules teach you all the process. There are multiple steps involved. Let me just brief you.
You must have:
1)GST number
2)IEC code (Not mandatory under GST regime but to remain secure we want to apply for it)
3)Bank account
4)Category selection
5)Product selection
6)Prodcut listing
7)Product launch
8)Work on reviews

Let me know if you need help with anything else!

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