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Reply to please solve the below mentioned problem

Hi Aarav,

Good fternoon

First of all sorry for late reply.

B075VND5TG:- Its rank is too much low as you can see. So its rank is already very low it is impossible to fetch good sales with this product. That’s why its showing zero.

B01LZY4VMR:- It is in our PRT. Check it with exact ASIN.
B07361CZXL:- This product rank is above 7lakhs so it is not showing in our PRT. Because our PRT you can search product nearby 20,000 (twenty thousand) only above that it does not shows data.

B0727LJ1XM:- Because its data has recently changed that’s why it is not showing in our PRT. But if you want to know about its EMS then search the same rank in the same category to know about its EMS.

Feel free to revert back.


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