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B01L9D9CVE:- This product is crowded. Already very competitive and selling at very low price. We dont suggest you to go with this product.

B01C5Z4G48:- Gym bags are crowded, but i think baby bags are good to target.
B077MTMX5L,:- Good product. You can find this product in local market and calculate your margin. Start with small stock to check sales response. Generatte early friendly sales and some verified reviews after making live with your product.
B072SQ5GB1:- Very crowded product. Hard to get sales. And it is brand dominated.

B00RLKAVTW:- We dont suggest you to go with this product because alredy selling at very low price and it is brand dominating. You will not get margin by selling this product.

B076DC73XF:- The product is selling at very low cost and you will not get margin. And this product we have mentioned in very previous eBOok.

B01LJRXC4S:- This category is locked by Amazon. This is restricted.

B06Y5SHLZX:- No we dont suggest for this product already crowded and quality issue.

B01MOWATEV:- ASIN is not working.

B076YGX3PS:- Good product. You can start with small stock to check sales response.

Rest queries will be reverted back on Monday.


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