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>>>Your listing seems good. You have included proper keywords. I would suggest you do some changes accordingly.

1)Try not write every word in a capital case in the title.

2)Avoid using much ‘-‘ in the title. You can include commas also.

3)Only in the title, I guess you should reduce some text. Rest looks extremely good. You can keep tier 3 keywords in bullet or lower area description.

4)Once product launched then first 20 days would be very important to product matrix. It is suggested to get some quick friendly sells and reviews to get some early matrix which can help to get buy button fast and also help you to improve product visibility. For buy button, you can also send the stock to Amazon FC which will help you to get buy button immediately.

5)You have included some keywords but I have found other keywords or similar ones using product research tool. You can include it in your title. These are top most keywords people searched for.

microfiber cloth for car cleaning
micro fiber cloth for kitchen
micro fiber cloth for lense cleaning
3m micro fiber cloth
microfiber cloth for car cleaning 350 gsm

You can include these and cut down some of other keywords.

Let me know if you need help with anything else!

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