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Hi Sheela,

Good day!

Kritika stepping in from team, happy to help.

Mam, there is no need to panic. In case of any query, you can talk to mentors here. Your first step is to watch video modules.

We have designed our video modules considering the fact that you are starting from absolute zero and you don’t even have any product.

So in the video modules we are also starting from Zero and taking you to the expert level. There are about 8 modules and 40 chapters and everything is in step by step walkthrough format.

Right now we have 14 hours of videos which we keep upgrading with relevant content. If you don’t understand anything please reply to this ticket and I will help you.

According to your query, let me stop your PRT for time being. If you want to use it back then raise a ticket here and we will resume it back.

Let me know if you need any help!

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